We offer an ultra high-speed 3D laser scanning service, using state of the art technology for both greenfield and brown field projects. 3D scanning allows for the safe and rapid collection of data, which is more efficient than conventional methods.

The data is collected and then used to construct a digital 3D model that is accurate and measurable.

With projects that were once thought to be too isolated or complex to measure, our 3D laser scanner can now accurately capture the data, saving you time and money.

The benefits;

  • Capture data without having to interrupt operation.
  • It’s as simple as taking the 3D scanner to the site, placing it in front of the object/equipment.
  • Capture data accurately and with complete confidence.
  • 3D laser scanning offers a much safer, less time consuming option for collecting data.
  • Nothing is off limits; projects once deemed unmeasurable are no longer a problem.

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